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ChatGPT - AI chatbot. very useful does things for you
youtube-dl web ui - open source youtube downloader with NO bs
chatbox - simple and free chatbox
photopea - really cool photoshop clone web software
cinni's oekaki board - a very cute oekaki board!!!1
twist.moe - free anime streaming website
the cutting room floor - unused content from games
copy.sh - cool tech related stuff
starmen - EVERYTHING about the mother series
spyware - see which apps you are using are spyware or not
hackertyper - hacking (real)
ai dungeon - ai that creates some fucked up fiction for you
artflow - type something will ya?
alphabetize - sorts lists in alphabetical order for ya
sadgrl's link directory - awesomesauce, but awesomer!!
axiom.ai - lets you create bots to automate basically anything
WolframAlpha - uses ai to awnser complex questions in math, science and even life
TinyWow - tools to anything you need online
opensourcealternative - has free open source alternatives to software u need
JotForm - over 10k forms templates that you can add on to ur stuff
inferkit - type text and ai will generate more
neutralblender - text comes in, image comes out

windows xp - perfect windows xp simulation
windows93 - if microsoft windows was good (i prefer linux):
jspaint - mspaint clone. its good if u want to do pixel art

districts - neocities directory (i pulled some)
activity - tbh the best and most fun way to find sites
css3 generator - does all the coding for ya (i prefer chatgpt)
homeandlearn - html/css tutorials that aint w3schools
w3schools - the best html/css tutorial site

2048 - ah. classic browser gaming experience
cave story multiplayer - cave story port for web browser
bemuse - rhythm game. dont really like it but its cool ig
hexGL - a webGL racing game (very fyn)
web taiko - web taiko no tatsujin
igg-games - ahoy! free games for me computer
cat planet - cat planet cat planet planet cat
aggie - online drawing game
krunker - cool shooting game
noclip - explore maps from games (its really noclip)

everynoise - preview of basically every genre
radio garden - listen to radio from all around the world
gnoosic - recommends based on music you enjoy
asoftmurmur - atmospheric sounds... cool
purrli - cat noises only...
beepbox - beep beep im music artist
video game music - I LOVE VGM!!!!!!!!!
zanarkand's music page - no specific genre, see if you can enjoy
languages - a MEGA folder to learn different languages
post office - anon board to relax, cool if you're bored

MACROSS 82-99 - 82-99 F.M, Horsey.
subways & Tatsuro Yamashita - アイスクリーム
twzzl (love u ethan) - Estrelar

VA-11 Hall-A: A Cyberpunk Bartender Action

misc & special thanks
omoriboy and neocities districts for awesomesauce dir
Theme Plaza for the inspiration
Katana ZERO for the "now playing" thing

Dedicated to my bro "igor"

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